Friday, March 17, 2006

web hoax buster: Webmasters with no mastery

Friends, there is a web builders group in town, selling attendance tickets for its dog and pony show on how to supposedly make money on the internet.

The outfit is called Webmasters [dot] org.

When I inspected their own site, it failed in nearly every usability and credibility characteristic.

For example, to determine who is money trailing them, I clicked on Partners tab. I was greeted evasively, non-professionally with this stupid error message:

"Welcome to Webmasters [dot] org
Coming soon."

That's what this "money making technology" web site provided in its Partners page? Folks, this is so amateur, suspect, and deceptive, it's ridiculous. It deceives by way of the tab seeming to indicate the existence of real Partners, but if you bother yourself to click on the Partners tab, you are given NO INFORMATION about any "partners".

It's a hoax.

I clicked on the Become a Partner tab. Ditto. Nothing. "Coming soon." Yeah, right. More like "permanently under feigned construction".

I clicked on the Corporate Team tab. Same-o same-o. Not a drop of information, a big blank.

So Webmasters [dot] org has NO Partners, NO way to Become a Partner, and NO Corporate Team. It is just one guy, apparently, whose name is given.

But they, or he, or it, Webmasters [dot] org, does have a seminar or jamboree or snake oil sales show. If you want to pay money and waste time attending. Buy your tick-cuts now.

This web hoax busting was brought to you by Vaspers the Grate, home of fine web hoax busting technology and techniques.


carrie said...

oooh, i really like this template...


steven edward streight said...

Yeah, the most boring generic template on earth, and it works the best. Must remember this when advising clients.

Hey, YO YO YO, new mommy, you turn that damn computer off and relax, Super Grrrl.

You ushered in a new soul, and I have already claimed it irreversibly for heaven.

Good going, Super Blogger Mommy Grrrl.