Thursday, May 11, 2006

blog values vs. corporations

In a recent post at my primary blog, Vaspers the Grate, I provided a running commentary on a Harris Poll on corporate blogging.

"Corporate Blogging: Snowball in Hell"

It seems that the ideas of transparency, candor, honesty, generosity, vulnerability, spontaneity, and reciprocity are alien to most corporate cultures and business environments. This is deeply troubling news for consumers.

Why don't corporations care about forming an intimate, two way conversation with customers?

I think you know why.

All they want to say is: "buy my product".

All they want to hear is: "love your product, help me buy more".

Good companies want to hear from customers.

Smart companies consider carefully what customers complain about and suggest.

Ethical companies reach out to customers with integrity and user-friendly products.

For the time being, the blogosphere is a realm with higher standards than the business world, but corporations can improve their culture by letting blogs set the pace.

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