Monday, May 15, 2006

in the service of truth

As bloggers, we get a taste of the new interactive social media approach to customer relations.

Each blogger has a product: his or her blog. Visits by your readers can be thought of as votes or purchases. They're spending time at your blog, and indicating their trust in your credibility and other values.

Sometimes you may feel compelled to state things you know many people will not like. You may need to say something that most people will not agree with. You may even know that your specific blog audience will not support you on this issue. But--you post it anyway.

This test of integrity can happen to just about any blogger, even if your blog is purely personal, whimsical, and mundane. At some point you may be tempted to minimize, or avoid altogether, a controversial issue.

Before you publish your opinion or statement of belief, consider what your intent is. If you wish to just blurt our your beliefs, because so many others are shouting this and that, you probably should refrain from expressing yourself.


Because to just arbitrarily pop off about religion, sex, politics, immigration, the war on terror, or some other hot topic, may not be worth it. You may only turn off otherwise loyal readers, and it's doubtful that you'll convert anyone to your point of view.

On most hot issues, most people think like their parents, priests, pastors, professor, or peers. Few people read deep books that challenge their prejudice and bias.

Then again...we must be bold, and tell it like it is.

Never flinch after publishing a controversial post. You, blogger, are expected to be In The Service of Truth, your personal truth.

Transparent, candid, aren't hiding or deceiving, you're expressing your freedom to think outside the box, outside the political party, outside the normal mediocre human narcissistic mentality.

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carrie said...

also, it's good to just blurt something out because then other people can blurt out their reactions and then there can be a discussion. maybe someone will learn something while we're at it?