Friday, July 28, 2006

long tails and snake heads don't matter

My contribution to the Long Tail vs. Head of Snake conversation, which consists of bewailing the development of difficult entry into the A List and the nice cash rewards companies can reap from the low traffic niche losers like me and 98% of other bloggers...

Here's the comment I posted on buddy Dave Taylor's magnificent blog Intuitive Life Business Blog, his post "Why Companies Can't Profit from the Long Tail".

It's the End of Stardom.

From "They Media" to "Me Media" to, coming faster and sooner than prophesied, "We Media", where the distinctions between consumer and producer and distributor vanish, forever.

We make our own books, movies, music, art, photography...and share it, generally free of charge, with other consumer-producers.

Some products, like food, will continue to mass market and mass produce. Most other items will disappear into niches and selective, consumer chosen and orchestrated channels.

We will get exactly what we want, when we want it, as much as we want, as frequently as we want it. Without advertising agencies telling us what we must want and buy.

Buy? Most of the stuff we share, give and receive, is free.

There is a Universal Democracy and Everything Free All The Time revolution going on. Long tail, head of snake, all this is nice theorizing, but the bigger picture is the real reality.

It's the end of psycho-capitalism and domination systems.

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carrie said...

that comment bears repeating!