Sunday, July 02, 2006

parenting and blogging

Most parents are shit. I was raised by parents and I am a parent. And parents are mostly worthless. They, I mean we, are lazy, stupid, and confrontation-avoiding. Wimps and fools, all.

Why do I say this, in Blog Core Values?

Because I see parenting and blogging connections. We already know from Dateline: To Catch a Predator, and other sources of information, that unbridled blogging by young people is not wise.

So we already are in agreement: parents don't give a shit about what dangers their kids are exposed to online. They really bury their heads in the sand, act dumb, and say, "What is MySpace? What is a computer? What is technology?" like freaking numbskulls.

I demand that Parenting Licenses be mandatory. You can't have a child, unless you pass a socio-psychological examination, to see if you're fit to be a good parent.

Neighborhood as Day Care Center:

Example of why parents piss me off: a little 4 year old girl is dumped into the neighborhood by her single mom, and the mom expects the block to be the babysitter. What I mean is, the little girl spends all damn day saying "Hi" and "Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me" to total strangers.

I hear the little girl outside my window as I blog. I see her when I go out to work on our property. I usually have machetes, lawn mowers, garden shears, etc. Dangerous. Yet she persists in running over here, trampling on flowers, to bug me. I scowl, and yell at her to get off my property.

Why does this little girl approach strangers? I see it as a sign she has been abused. Her mother rarely shows her face. Mom is probably a drug addict or a drunk. Her child screams constantly, in a whining, selfish, temper tantrum style of wailing.

This little girl, at age 4, already reminds me of a psycho bitch, the kind men encounter in bars late at night. Always complaining, crying, screaming, squealing, demanding, grasping, fussing, griping. Psycho bitch, embryonic stage. Sad.

As a parent, you need to teach, entertain, and play with your children. If they bug you, don't unleash them out into the neighborhood. Child molestors are often an uncle, daddy, priest, pastor, teacher, or next door neighbor...or an unknown online predator.

Neighborhood. Blogosphere. Both can be very dangerous for young, naive people. You never really know a neighbor or a blogger. MySpace is a toilet of sleazy porn, but how about that friendly charming pervert next door? Most evil people are very charismatic and, well, charming. That's how they con and lure people.

Wake up, parents. Protect your children.

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