Saturday, July 29, 2006

virtual worlds and future mental diseases

Virtual social worlds will spawn new online mental diseases, digital co-dependency, and computerized paranoia.

Right now, these Matrix-like environments are being explored by corporations, for virtual convention centers like Gnomedex, and by individuals for...for what?

Well, a creative business person might use a system like Second Life to simulate an entrepreneurial situation, set up a shop, and display their expertise and judgment.

But others might dive into a Sims type fantasy world...and never return. Like a chemical addiction, its seductive and illusory self-fulfillment beckons, beckons, beckons...conjuring up a helpless chump who leaves real relationships with actual neighbors and family, to drown in the comfort of a world they can control more completely.

Did you see that episode of Wife Swap, where the lady ignored her own family, shipped her kids off to a daycare center even, just so she could stay home and interact with her virtual online simulated faux family? Beyond sick, man.

"Become the first virtual millionaire" says a headline on this subject, over at ZD Net blogs.

Second Life comes to you from Linden Labs, Phillip Rosedale, CEO.

"[Big corporations] can't advertise at us, they have to play and interact with us." -- Eric Rice, Cofounder, Hipcast, designer of virtual convention centers.

Second Life Virtual World (5:07)
July 7, 2006 // Ch. 7 Australia "Beyond Tomorrow"

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