Tuesday, August 01, 2006

CEOs blogging, videocasting, telepresencing

Here's some real live blog discussion for you to chew on, if you want.

From comments on "Should the CEO Blog?" in which there seems to be some discomfort on the parts of certain CEOs, regarding blogging, a supposed "risk".



31 Jul 06 | vaspers the grate wrote …

According to the book Credibility by James M. Kouzes (chairman emeritus of the Tom Peters Company) and Barry Z. Posner (2003), people expect a CEO to be Visionary and Inspiring.

Visionary means you take do take risks. Who ever heard of a conservative, timid Visionary?

Inspiring means you try things, experiment, and risk falling flat on your face. If a CEO fails, looks stupid in a blog or video, so what?

I don’t get it.

I think they are lying to us.

The real reason a CEO would act clueless or shun blogging is: not fear of flames, but reluctance to really hear the unvarnished complaints, questions, suggestions, and critiques of consumers.

The best thing any CEO can do right now is start Video Blogging. To present a human, fallible, credible, regular guy type image.

CEOs are in dire need of reform and good publicity.

31 Jul 06 | vaspers the grate wrote …

P.S. It’s on page 14 of Credibility. The 6 most valued characteristics of admired leaders:

1. Honesty
2. Forward-thinking (“visionary”)
3. Inspiring
4. Competent
5. Fair-minded
6. Supportive

A CEO may not be the best blogger, though, you’re very right about that. He should be, ala Mark Cuban.

But anyone who has the requisite leadership qualities, and has a Real Passion for the solving the customer’s problems via the product, that’s who your blogger should be.

Not the most articulate, but the most sincere. We in the blogosphere have our digital senses trained to detect insincerity, con artists, and hype BS.

Let the one with the most team spirit, the most altruism, the most product knowledge be the blogger.

It’s sad to think that person might not be the CEO.


01 Aug 06 | Teresa Valdez Klein wrote …

Vaspers: I recognize that C.E.O.’s are supposed to be visionary leaders. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be cautious and planful when it comes to making important decisions about their companies.

I don’t think that blogging should be viewed as an “extreme sport,” to quote Stross. But I also don’t think that it should be a requirement that a CEO blog. When it comes to companies and the blogosphere, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

01 Aug 06 | vaspers the grate wrote …

The blogosphere began as a rough and tumble realm and it shall remain so.

CEOs who shy away from blogs are generally unwilling to be honest, candid, transparent, and hear directly from all types of customers and stray blog visitors.

There is great ROI on blogging: zero or near zero expense. But there is a time drain, but so what? Email drains time, too.

CEOs making important decisions about their companies? Blogging should be a trivial decision, like business cards and cell phones. No sweat.

Boy, these business people really are a trip, aren’t they?

01 Aug 06 | vaspers the grate wrote …

CEOs, all of the ethical ones anyway, need to be blogging, and video blogging, and preparing to initiate telepresencing (see Aug. 8, 06 issue of PC Magazine).

CEOs should be the leaders, the pioneers, in new media. But instead it’s their teenage children who are paving the way.

Risk aversion? Gimme a break, the poor darlings.


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