Monday, August 14, 2006

future of blogging is what?

My jejune colleagues, ever seeking new topics to bomb us with, are getting excited about The Future of Blogging and Social Networking Sites.

I think blogging is still in its early stages, as most other pundits proclaim.

Are blogs better now than they were back when Doc Searls, Jorn Barger, and Dave Winer first began? In what ways?

More popular, easier to use, more functionalities, more options for audio and video. These are some of the improvements we've seen.

Here is my comment on a recent post at The Blogging Times.

The article entitled "The Coming Long Tail Tsunami in Blogging".


The social networking aspects of web services are to be favored mainly by young people looking to hook up sexually or sell a music band and its CDs.

Business blogging will be a way to display expertise and to generate conversations with customers.

I do not buy into the snake head/long tail debate.

It’s odd that few discussions of blogging and its future ever consider past technologies.

Either blogging will fizzle out and become the exclusive domain of hobbyists and avid communicators (HAM RADIO) or it will enter the mainstream of normalized communications channels (TELEPHONE)…or a type of blogging will evolve into a bizarre new form of personalized contact (TELEPRESENCING).

That’s how I see it, with my nose to the blogging grindstone.


P.S. I like WordPress and Blogger. In defense of Blogger, it seems perfect for serious, non-tech communicators.

It is a lot easier to do several simple things on Blogger than it is on WordPress, at least the free version that Chartreuse and I (Corporate Blog Revolution - beta) and Scoble use.

I can easily tweak my template, upload images, add podcast audio and video player embeds in Blogger.

I don’t believe it’s very easy to do these things on WordPress. So in that sense, Blogger has kept pace with the blogosphere.

I also have foolproof comment spam elimination via easy comment moderation with captchas and delayed posting of comments.

In WordPress, you have to use all these different plug ins, and sometimes the plug ins are buggy, no offense Matt.

I recall hearing that WordPress was “not set up” to allow bloggers to access their template and make massive modifications, which I can do on Blogger.

I even made an Unblog called Jejune Jumpers, that stripped all blog functions and features from it, resulting in a web based billboard, a totally static page, like a magazine add. No posts, no comments, no trackbacks, no author, no blogroll, no archives, no recent post list, no About, no profile, etc. Just to show that a Blogger blog can be deconstructed and still have some web object floating in the digital effluvium.



Hans said...

Blogger looks to me somehow more human than Wordpress. Strangely, because Blogger looks a bit less individual, because of the common frame in the top, but therefore gives a sort of backbone to new Bloggers. I like Bloggers design (the most simple default themes) very much.

I miss a greater variability to post images in much bigger sizes to Blogger. Overall I am very satisfied with Blogger, too.

carrie said...

yes. larger images look better. it amazes me when photo-hosting sites such as buzznet have your pics be all tiny. hello? they look better large. doy.