Wednesday, August 16, 2006

how to triumph meaninglessly

A self defensive person is deluded by Normal Mind into thinking he has a self that can be attacked and therefore must be defended. This grandiose overvaluation of a figment of the body's imagination leads the person down the path of conflict, battle, and strife.

A hardcore blogger doesn't care what anybody thinks.

You post whatever content you think might benefit your readers, or whatever you feel like exhibiting: expertise, talent, anecdote, solutions, links, insights, art, photos, podcasts, videos.

Fearful enemies and jealous will abuse you, insult you, demand that you see a psychiatrist. Just because they disagree with your opinions, choices, style.

You must know how to bypass all that.

Triumph Meaninglessly.

You keep posting text and audio and video to your blog, for one simple reason. To irritate the player haters who demand that you stop, get a life, see a shrink, or turn yourself into law enforcement. You disturb the mediocrity. They feel a guilt trip every time they think of you. Every time they force themselves to involuntarily inspect your blog and videos, they loathe them. They must bully you into agreeing with their superior judgment.

If you don't agree with their bullying critique, it means you're "an asshole".

According to them.

They hysterically rant, rave, and rage like screaming lunatics, but you, who aren't bothering or bullying anybody, are the one at fault. You, the happy, calm, contented person, you must be punished. Your smug lack of self-loathing must be desecrated and dumped. You are too prolific to be tolerated.

You make them look bad, as they obsessively, insecurely compare themselves to successful and contented people. Like you, you asshole. How dare you show passion for blogs and video and RSS? How dare you feel so free to self-assert like you do?

Your joyous freedom, creative insatiability, and stunningly innovative productions are just too much for lazy Normal Mediocre Mind and the Kingdom of Melancholic Failure to handle. You're impossible to understand. They want to erase you.

But you remain you, and they fade away.


Tara said...

This applies not only to blogging but to life as well. That was some nice rah-rah piece you did. Good blog!

MichaelBates said...

This was very encouraging. Thanks for posting it.