Sunday, August 27, 2006

online loyalty via core values

Online branding, social media, ecommerce, and blog popularity are all based on one thing. Your manifestation of the core values of human communication. We hate to be lied to, ripped off, or have our time wasted with boring or unhelpful content.

It really is that easy.

Online loyalty is caused by the same qualities that govern any conversation: civility, attention to others, dignified discussions, personal boundaries, professional ethics, normative best practices, and consensus principles of polite conduct.

All your web site or blog has to do is identify and gratify needs.

All you need to do is respond cordially, authentically, and completely to reader comments, furnish fresh frequent content, and circulate in the blogosphere by posting comments at other blogs and forums.

If you must fight, be fair, firm, and friendly, even so far as complimenting your debate opponent. I was arguing with some stranger online about a recent Stephen Colbert roasting of President Bush video on YouTube.

The blogocombat got a bit stern and heated, but when my foe said, in passing, that I was a pretty good writer, he won. I felt defeated. He beat me to the blogocombat compliment, a sly and innocent way to win. Say, "I still disagree completely with your unfortunate point of view, but you sure type swell paragraphs."

Your online brand can be defined via blogs, podcasts, and web video.

Just stick to your core values and audience satisfaction, and you'll do just fine. I promise.

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Anonymous said...

Core Values always have basic roots coming out of community, society and nation. It can't be generalized.