Tuesday, August 08, 2006

this is why we fight online

As your kids enter school this fall, you're bound to hear various versions of the new internet nursery rhyme that's all the rage.

Called "This is Why We Fight Online", this strange little childish ditty contains an obscure reference to "clients", and the social media pundits are deeply divided as to the proper interpretation of this peculiar term, some saying "parents" and some shouting "peers", but no one offering any proof.

"This is Why We Fight Online"

we see grinding mediocrity
it sickens us
we see the con artist trickery
it withers us
we see sleepy stupidity
it awakens us
we see lack of creativity
it enshakens us

so we attack
we don't want our clients pleading
"give us some of that"
when we can see it's schlock and slop
and time to close up shop

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Hans said...

Hey Steven, on the great photo you look like Mickey Rourke ! Are you ?

Best regards, Hans