Sunday, September 17, 2006

core values vs. lonelygirl15

Is it okay to lie, deceive, exploit, manipulate, toy with the emotional investments of your audience? As I see it, this is the main issue of the Lonelygirl15 YouTube controversy. Where do you stand? Do you care about the core values of blogging and videoblogging?

Do the values Authenticity, Honesty, Transparency, Integrity, and Credibility mean anything at all to you? Or do you side with such lies as Enron, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Watergate?

Jessica Rose was hired by a Hellywood talent agency to pretend to be "Bree" a 16 year old, home-schooled, lonely, apparently Satanic teenager (picture of Aleister Crowley in her staged "bedroom"), who was being prepared for a mysterious occult "ceremony".

Many viewers of her YouTube videos became concerned for her and emailed her advice on her problems. These emotionally involved viewers took her to heart and worried about her "life". When the truth came out that she was a fake, this broke the implied agreement on YouTube, and in the blogosphere, that You Are Who You Say You Are.

Why is this such a big deal? Because lots of fakers exploit teens, to prey on them sexually. Plenty of online con artists exploit people financially. We are sick of being lied to all the time by politicians, presidents, CEOs, bloggers, and videocasters.

Here is an transcript of comments under the video promotion "Lonelygirl15 200 websites in 2 minutes". Notice that the uploader's name is "phiktion".

I believe the LG15 project is to determine if YouTube viewers are easy to manipulate and if deceptive practices can work for profit and capitalistic exploitation "success". But ill gained wealth always backfires.


(2 days ago):


nirvanaistheshiz (2 days ago):

that made my eyes hurt.

samet63 (2 days ago):

what's she is doing and sex site and wikipedia

harvesteroftruth (2 days ago):

This is an example of viral marketing....

(1 day ago):

No, it's an example of deceptive consumer fraud and false depiction of self. It's called inauthentic, pandering, and exploitation for occult and commercial agendas. Sorry to rain on your misguided and gullible parade.

codem0nkey (1 day ago):

It's called acting. Simple as that....but I'm sure you're not comfortable using such a short word to describe it, as it doesn't give you your false feeling of superiority.

(1 day ago):

Monkey with code all U want. It's called fraudulent representation and toying with YouTubers, pretending to be something you're not. Fictional Characters have been dealt with harshly in the blogosphere. Now the same repulsion is occuring in the videosphere. Go kiss Harry Potter.

IrishHitman (1 day ago):

Wow, somebody LIED on the internet, who gives a crap.

Obviously alot of americans do...

PS: did i see a GTA website there.

Edbrad (5 minutes ago):

What's wrong with you guys? It ALWAYS looked like a couple of film students. It was more than that as it turns out, but it always looked too thought out and comedic on purpose.

Its like if The Office had been released on the internet, of course the office isnt real and you can tell it isnt. But its guys like you that would get up in arms about it when they finially came out and said "this was just a film project".

vaspers (14 seconds ago):

You dummies, the difference between The Office and LG15 is that one is upfront about being Fiction and the other is deceptive, pretending to be a Real representation of a person and her life. Some of us still value the blog core values Authenticity, Transparency, Genuine Passion. We despise buzz agents who pretend to use a product and rave about it. Think: Enron. And Weapons of Mass Destruction. Lies suck!


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