Sunday, September 03, 2006

lucid-translucent excuses

Something that has been put here, and man has persecuted.//Freedom.\\We make so many excuses: brilliant, unarguable, endlessly proliferating, [words censored by superscripted under-text] lucid-translucent excuses. Result? The diminishing of //a good\\.

We sigh and change channels on the television, or hop to another blog in the blogosphere, but we don't change inside. The same old marketing ploys, the same hyped up pleading, the Business As Usual blase blues. We hear the troubled chords.

("Try my product."--no not that, but rather instead: "Solve your problem, enhance your lifestyle, increase your enjoyment of being alive -- by my product." whimpered in a Miserably Servile Customer Pampering system [txt missing from original source data] tone of voice.)

I w...[text illegible in the original document]...and wrote this brief, elusive, annoying post.

"You don't like how I'm dealing with certain problems, " I said surreptitiously.

"Are you trying to make excuses and exceptions to explain your behavior?" she asked in ironic voice.

I replied. "But something was put here, and I utilized it, and now there's a problem. The fault is not in the item, but in me, because of the perceptual framework of others. This is a sad and unfortunate state of affairs, a situation that contains only my doom, and not my release."

"[garbled communication in reference work]", she answered.

What was "put here"? you wonder.

Just this: //Freedom\\.

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