Friday, January 19, 2007

how to detect authenticity

What is "authenticity"? Why is it a core value of blogging?

You can easily tell a spam comment from an authentic comment.

A spam comment is insincere, vague, irrelevant, or has an ulterior motive, an agenda that is either hostile or exploitive. They are using your blog comment field as an ad venue for dubious, malicious, or non-existing products. Spyware-attaching sites is where many spam comments link to.

Boiler plate comments posted hurriedly as part of an artificial, compensated, or company-mandated, these comments defending a product are always slightly off topic, or otherwise contrived. Using your blog as a message board, for free.

If you've been blogging a while, and using email, you should have great skill in detecting authenticity.

You also see authenticity and the lack thereof at work and in personal relations.

Authenticity means you do what you say. You stand by your word, even if guilty parties think you're "harsh", "abrupt", or "too direct". A chump is not authentic. He is a masochist with a "born to be victimized" mentality. They may issue a demand or command, but will not really check to see if it is complied with.

Chumps, wimps, pussies: all inauthentic.

Liars, con artists, exploiters and manipulators: inauthentic.

People who know how to "play" the system, the boss, charities, churches, and chumps: inauthentic.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

blog values as life values

how do you evolve your mind?

and do your blogging ethics carry through to your offline life?

but how can you evolve if you never do anything new, risky, dangerous, wild, exploratory, experimental, challenging, different, bizarre, contrarian, innovative, visionary, eccentric, advanced, difficult, provocative, problematic, unexpected, boat-rocking, world-shaking, thought-provoking, pattern-disrupting?

and are you authentic, passionate, transparent, credible, individualistic, creative, original, relevant, and full of integrity in all that you do when you're not blogging and commenting on other blogs?

HOW do you evolve yourself mentally, socially, artistically?

How do YOU do it?

We either evolve or we decay. There is no cozy mediocre island in between,.no medicinal shrub that scrapes us clean. We remove the filth of conformity and step out proudly, boldly, into the unknown, the unproven, the uncertain.

are your geeky blog values also your personal life values?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blog Burst editor explains blog journalism

Blog Burst interview with Senior Editor Tina Nelson.

I thought this was a good explanation of blogs in journalism, blogs and journalism, and blog journalism.

Blogs have caused the online world to expect and demand more interactivity, more user-generated content, more reader reviews, more forums and debates...

...and less advertising, marketing, and sales hype.

Consumers of products, and news is the quintessential product par excellance, since anyone can have it, anyone can be it, anyone can create it and add to it or subtract from it, it's easily customized and remixed for new uses.

The news, as consumable product, as reflection of and upon event, news, to remain news and not olds, the news has to renewed, replenished, resupplied both endlessly, and at the very moment of consumption, in perpetuity, forever and ever, amen.


As a consumer and a citizen of the world, the blogosphere provides a depth and breadth of content I could never have imagined when I was in Journalism school. It’s very exciting.

The BlogBurst service provides publishers the opportunity to present varying opinions and analysis of events and topics that is just not normally possible within the confines of most news budgets.

The end product is richer, more well-rounded content.

What experience from your previous jobs/positions and talents are you hoping to share and/or use for BlogBurst?

I was a reporter for many years and understand how seriously people take their publications and their content.

You are the guardian of words, ideas and opinions.

In my early days, I thought an Editor’s role was to make a reporter’s life miserable by hacking up their copy — no grace and no guts! Later I became a News Director, and my perception of what was “worthy” changed and broadened — even moreso as the Internet came into play.

Once I became responsible for the content offering as a whole, I began to fully understand the challenges faced by publishers. Being tasked with protecting the business brand and the organization’s credibility is a heavy burden. The calls you make aren’t often easy and are out there for the public to judge daily.

I later moved into working with content for technology companies, which eventually led me to BlogBurst.

I think my background affords me the unique ability to understand the mentality and values of both bloggers and publishers.

The needs of one and the desires of another are sometimes at odds and yet in this day and age, they must work together to support each other. I am hopeful that I can use my knowledge base to further enhance the working relationship between the two groups.

As an editor for a New Media product that is integrated into traditional media, what do you see as your biggest challenges? Or how do you think traditional publishers can best benefit from a content source like BlogBurst?

Allowing people other than recognized experts to comment and offer opinion on topics is so opposite of what we were all taught in Journalism school.

It’s a long standing tradition that publishers define what is news and who are the experts on a topic. Understandably, being open to this kind of user-generated content participation goes against the grain for traditional publishers.

But there are some incredibly lively and relevant blogs out there that can be hugely complementary to traditional media. There’s a comfort level that bloggers and publishers must come to in order for it to be beneficial.

Then everyone wins — especially the audience.


Friday, January 05, 2007

human dignity vs medical oppressors

[image: "eye in worded wonder" by se streight 2007]

Here's a values and human dignity question for you.

We, being interested in core values, can now go straight to the inner core of life itself, and how predators, hungry ghosts seeking money and temporal luxuries beyond belief, prey on the weak and helpless in society. While the holy and scientific people sit back, doing nothing to stop it.

Is it okay to surgically desex and devolve a young mentally retarded girl? To make it easier for the parents to take care of her?

Is the comfort and ease of the caregivers a valid reason to mutilate and sterilize and force to never age, a young mentally challenged girl?

Deconstructively speaking, she is YOUNG, she is MENTALLY SLOW, she is FEMALE.

Her oppressors and mutilators are OLD, they are HIGHLY EDUCATED, they are MALE.

How many more strikes could be against her? The ancient domination systems which we have vowed ceremoniously to destroy and remove, are in full fluid force here, with the most vulnerable and unprotected of all human entities: see how the high and mighty pounce upon her and punish her for being FEMALE.

The misogynist dream: to annihilate the FEMALE sex organs and mammory glands.

The MENTALLY SLOW are prohibited from AGEING and from being a MOTHER and from being FULLY HUMAN.

Why aren't there riots and fires in every city, by rampaging FEMINISTS, human rights ACTIVISTS, zealous PSYCHO-ANALYSTS, gung ho CASE WORKERS, high falutin' PHILOSOPHERS?

Where are the Buddhists? The Muslims? Followers of Jah or Jehovah? Good church or unchurched or antichurch people? Department of Human Services? Where, for that matter is Reginald Mental Hygiene in all of this? Unscientology? Salvation Navy? Hello? Is anybody home?

Where is the outcry?

She was physically, barbarically violated...and no one rose to stop the madness! Nazi Germany here we already are, in Amerika! Ghastly visions should haunt your every sleep.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

blogger ethics and honor

From all sides it seems to undergo attack, blog ethics and honor.
From the slide of a strange misfit arche-resurrect, freedom's daughter.
And now the sway of all things comes to decide
If blogs can really be a place for truth to abide.

Abridged and forming spans, the recalcitrant glow of hands,
unlibraried from the very last to the drifting of the sands.
The pre-lapse envied by the dredge and the demands,
a mishap, mental prisms, that no one overstands.