Wednesday, January 17, 2007

blog values as life values

how do you evolve your mind?

and do your blogging ethics carry through to your offline life?

but how can you evolve if you never do anything new, risky, dangerous, wild, exploratory, experimental, challenging, different, bizarre, contrarian, innovative, visionary, eccentric, advanced, difficult, provocative, problematic, unexpected, boat-rocking, world-shaking, thought-provoking, pattern-disrupting?

and are you authentic, passionate, transparent, credible, individualistic, creative, original, relevant, and full of integrity in all that you do when you're not blogging and commenting on other blogs?

HOW do you evolve yourself mentally, socially, artistically?

How do YOU do it?

We either evolve or we decay. There is no cozy mediocre island in between,.no medicinal shrub that scrapes us clean. We remove the filth of conformity and step out proudly, boldly, into the unknown, the unproven, the uncertain.

are your geeky blog values also your personal life values?


carrie said...

this is a nice post.
i have a hankerin' for some
of your more transcendental
blogging as metaphysical outreach/interaction.

steven edward streight said...

I also have missed you, my #1 blog ally. I have been at a new job as a sales manager for a local web design firm, and also active in the Wikinomics wiki.

Will get over to your blog home soon.

Speaking of metaphysics, have acquired more Jacques Derrida books on religion, and the ultimate spiritual transformation book of all time: "Way of the Ascetics" by Tito Colliander.

That book saved me from suicide and total depression in 1999 when I was at the worst state I had ever been in.