Friday, January 05, 2007

human dignity vs medical oppressors

[image: "eye in worded wonder" by se streight 2007]

Here's a values and human dignity question for you.

We, being interested in core values, can now go straight to the inner core of life itself, and how predators, hungry ghosts seeking money and temporal luxuries beyond belief, prey on the weak and helpless in society. While the holy and scientific people sit back, doing nothing to stop it.

Is it okay to surgically desex and devolve a young mentally retarded girl? To make it easier for the parents to take care of her?

Is the comfort and ease of the caregivers a valid reason to mutilate and sterilize and force to never age, a young mentally challenged girl?

Deconstructively speaking, she is YOUNG, she is MENTALLY SLOW, she is FEMALE.

Her oppressors and mutilators are OLD, they are HIGHLY EDUCATED, they are MALE.

How many more strikes could be against her? The ancient domination systems which we have vowed ceremoniously to destroy and remove, are in full fluid force here, with the most vulnerable and unprotected of all human entities: see how the high and mighty pounce upon her and punish her for being FEMALE.

The misogynist dream: to annihilate the FEMALE sex organs and mammory glands.

The MENTALLY SLOW are prohibited from AGEING and from being a MOTHER and from being FULLY HUMAN.

Why aren't there riots and fires in every city, by rampaging FEMINISTS, human rights ACTIVISTS, zealous PSYCHO-ANALYSTS, gung ho CASE WORKERS, high falutin' PHILOSOPHERS?

Where are the Buddhists? The Muslims? Followers of Jah or Jehovah? Good church or unchurched or antichurch people? Department of Human Services? Where, for that matter is Reginald Mental Hygiene in all of this? Unscientology? Salvation Navy? Hello? Is anybody home?

Where is the outcry?

She was physically, barbarically violated...and no one rose to stop the madness! Nazi Germany here we already are, in Amerika! Ghastly visions should haunt your every sleep.

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