Wednesday, March 28, 2007

crybaby blogging

According to some, crybaby blogging is on the rise and for good reason. Why would more and more bloggers succumb to weepy loafing around and wimpy wheezing? We take a closer look, just for fun.

It's easy to be sad, dismayed that nobody pays any attention to you. Or they all pay too much attention to you, following you everywhere with their cameras and microphones and questions. So who can you lash out at?

You look around. Everybody else seems so large, so mighty, so self-assured. You feel the first tear roll down to your pouting lip. You think it doesn't seem fair that you're ignored or disliked. You want to be avenged by an adoring public.

People hear of your plight, your suffering, and they run to your side, weeping with you. They offer support, or cookies and coffee, or sympathy. You take what you can. It worked. The world seems brighter now.

The subversion of blog core values, in the name of emotional relief, looks absurd upon a careless and superficial examination, but when we scratch into it, beyond the surface, it scratches back.


carrie said...


nobody appreciates me

steven edward streight said...

There there now. feel better.