Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In Amerikkka the gun is god

Each of us must respond to this Virginia Tech massacre.

Not with grief or sympathy. What good can that do?

Most of it is grandstanding, prissy-flitting around like angels with weepy harps. We feel sad, we pause, we express compassion, we waltz around in flowers, then: Life as Usual. Nothing changes in us, nor in society.

We must respond with harder looks at disturbed and bizarrely behaving individuals. We have to stop sticking our heads in the sand, ignoring the warning signals. I'm sure we all have sociopaths in our midst. They may never act out their secret seethings, but are you willing to wait and see?

Not me. If I observe bizarre behavior, words, or attitudes, I'm committed to confronting and combating them, either defensively or offensively.

We must respond with deep questioning of our callous media and our worship of violence.

We pursue careers violently. We work violently. We are rough, rude, and unreasonable. We flock to violent music, movies, and moodswings.

To say you're not going to blog about it, because that's what the shooter wanted -- that attitude is absurd. The shooter wanted media attention after he killed others and himself.

I have blogged and Twittered extensively about this tragedy, but I discuss the worthless university administration, the lousy security crew, the dimwitted local cops.

I have never mentioned the shooter's name, it's too hard to spell "on the fly".

Virginia Tech massacre is being exploited by the filthy MainStream Media, as usual. Like they exploited OJ Simpson, Monica Lewinsky, Anna Nicole Smith, Don Imus, and now Virginia Tech. "The media doesn't care, they want YOU to care, so you'll continue to watch," someone said on Glenn Beck tonight. True.

Interviewing survivors, young shocked students, minutes after the crass, uncouth, and uncaring is that? That's your MSM, the bearers and defenders of professionalism and objectivity, sans conscience, without any morality or common sense.

Can we all try to become more peaceful as individuals. Can we learn to spot potential "go postal" killers in our midst? Can we fight back, and teach our children how to fight back, against kidnappers, molesters, con artists, bullies, terrorists, traitors?

Or are we too concerned with Web 2.0 conferences and streaming live video of us riding in a car? Too happy drinking beer at a blogger gathering to feel sorrow for mourning families, or to feel anger at university administrators who allowed 33 people to die?

Why didn't a bunch of males jump the shooter, like when he casually reloaded a new clip?

Why is no one explaining how to defeat a gunman, how to distract, confuse, and tackle him?

It is not impossible to stop an crazed killer. They are not superhuman, but that's what our motion pictures try to make us believe. A gun makes you a big man, a man who can solve problems, can get revenge.

Got a problem? Get a gun. This is Amerikkka.

Guns everywhere.

One guy wins every single war that is fought. The arms dealer.

Gunning up Amerikkka, gunning for Amerikkka, all gunned up: Amerikka.

Want fun? Play Grand Theft Auto, commit virtual crimes, kill virtual human people.

Violence is what Amerikkka great. We killed the native inhabitants, we killed our southern neighbors, we killed our enemies to the east and west, we kill and kill and watch killing on the boob tube, the "influencing machine" that is fading fast, giving way to social media tools.

Bomb the bad guys. Torture the terrorist. Fight fire with bigger fire. Avenge our slain, by slaying more, then more, and some more.

Hate, war, shoot, hurt, destroy: the Amerikkan way.

We pretend to feel sorrow for a few seconds, upon hearing of the slaughter, then go right back to watching movies and TV shows obsessed with homicide, crime scenes, vengeance, brutality.

In Amerikkka, the gun is god.

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Anonymous said...

Man has killed man ever since man learned to kill. Period. No arguemnents, the facts are everywhere. I expect that as long as there two or more Human Beings on this planet, that they will find a reason to kill each other. Can someone scientifically disprove this proposition? I really doubt it. So, should we all just follow the liberal weinie policy of gun control as we are led down the garden path of "Civilization"? Or, should a normal, thinking, person assume that they are living in the "Concrete Jungle", full of predatory creatures, and that each and every one of us is responsible for the safety of ourselves and our families as it is in the natural world ? While I would love to believe that we live in a civilized world where there would never be any need to protect ourselves, You'd better believe that I don't believe it. Is there an easy answer to this whole situation ? In a word NO ! Will I continue to own a gun, and pray to god that I never have to use it ? Yes! Most assuredly. Will you make the choice to live in the Utopian Society of "Civilization", and remain willing to allow someone else to be responsible for the safety of yourself and your' family (as the students and their families did), or will you accept the real world, frought with all of its' freedoms and dangers, and accept the responsibility to provide for your own safety (notice that I didn't, and won't ask you to buy/own a "gun"). A much wiser man than I, Once said "Those who would trade their freedoms for a little safety, Deserve neither" I think that Mr. Benjamin Franklins Quote (and insight) is as relavent today as it was when he originally made the comment. We all have a choice, we can be victims, or we can try to defend ourselves, but the decision that we make today may have a big affect on whether or not each one of us has a "future".