Tuesday, May 29, 2007

internet trolls and cyber bullies

A growing problem in blogs, Twitter, and online forums is the internet troll.

Trolls are cyber bullies who, while they appear to flame specific individuals, are actually jealous of online communities.

Their purpose is to anger and upset individual members, but their primary goal is to gain attention and to disrupt communities, especially when the members are peacefully helping and advising each other.

They tend to be anonymous, or use a fake name, a pseudonym. This is pure cowardice and fear of accountability, lawsuits, banning, etc. Trolls tend to have no clients, no content, and no allies, except other sadistic trolls.

Trolling is unvarnished misanthropy (hatred of humanity), usually coupled with a Luddite opposition to computers, blogs, user generated content, democracy, people power, and innovation. They often use the F word and juvenile insults.

Best method is to ignore and never mention the trolls.

Sometimes you have to bash them directly, which is fun.

EDIT UPDATE: This is a "post-in-progress". I will add links to The Matrix Online Guide to Trolls and other resources. Return to this post, if the topic interests you.

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