Monday, June 25, 2007

mammonistic monetization mania

The Digg mutiny and now the FM Publishing - ValleyWag PR disaster are indicating a serious Web 2.0 Meltdown. I love it. I love the fact that the attention is focused on ethics, advertorial vs. editorial, journalistic integrity, and mammonistic monetization mania.

Mammonistic Monetization Mania, what is it?

When your emphasis is on "how can we make a fast, easy buck?" instead of "how can we provide value and convenience for our customers?"

When you see web users as dim-witted sitting ducks, eager to recklessly fling away their not so hard-earned cash. The dummies might as well send their money to you, right? Clutter your web site or blog with all kinds of intrusive ads! Go for it!

What a lousy attitude.

And when the ads begin to seem like editorial, it looks like you're trying to take advantage of the #1 Web User Reality: web users are impatient, skimming for relevant content, distracted, multi-tasking, and in a big hurry.

Blurring the boundaries between advertising and editorial, or between genuine product user remarks and PayPerPost spam commenting, is Marketing Suicide.

Our glorious, triumphalistic, Self-policing Blogosphere is not to be mocked or messed with.

We all are learning, making mistakes, looking like idiots and losers, now and then. We must not rush to condemn, but must try to learn from each other, and help each other with honest, bold critique and advice.

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